Shadow Story – Sofia


The woman’s voice was like smoke and ice. Sofia could hear it, although sometimes she wasn’t entirely sure if anyone else could. When she sat in her bedroom all alone, the voice became loudest. Sometimes she tried to plug her ears. The family got angry when she did that. The voice kept telling her how important she was. She was the one, the only one. The special one. How long had she wanted to hear something like that? She wasn’t forgotten. She wasn’t the sister that no one wished for, but the one that could make everything beautiful again.

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Brigid MacCleu – Aeronaut Aurene Supreme

On the plateau of Crossebarra, airship captain and renegade aurene zethyr pirate Brigid Maccleu’s aeriskiff alighted delicately on the ground. It rolled quietly to a stop on the grassy plain, some forty feet from the circled caravan of a troupe of nomadic gawn-breeders. Rhoen gawn were a prized commodity among the aurenes before the fall, but now the Ruho had lost that precious consumer base. Brigid locked the skiff’s steering wheel into place and lowered the brake. She lifted her goggles onto her head and got a good look at the caravan. Ten wagons, a medium-size herd of healthy gawn and four hippogriffs to guard them. Not a soul would dream that these same Ruho helped along a pirate’s supply chain. She lifted her gloved hand as she approached to show her intention of peace. The clan’s chief approached her with his own hand raised as well. He clasped hers when she stopped in front of him.

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The Clock Tower – Aerra

              High on the fifteenth level of the tower, Aerra sat in her small patch of dirt and grass and weeds and sang a soft song to the earth spirits. She was far from them, but still she could feel them stirring beneath the dark crust. Aerra had done well selling her flowers and herbs during the early morning. Flavor was something else that was highly unusual in the clock tower, besides her pretty flowers. She couldn’t explain to the other tower people how she made her garden grow, which predictably frustrated them until they left. Few who left didn’t come back, for Aerra’s flowers were not only beautiful but helpful as well. Some of the greenery was sold specifically as herbs, but every pretty bloom had another purpose. The tower people couldn’t be expected to know flowers so intimately, since they had forgotten so much about greenery. Continue reading

Layered Awesome Nachos


I make this recipe at least once a year for the Super Bowl. Sometimes more than that. It depends on how well the Browns are doing. Depending on mood you can make it lighter or heavier, Vegetarian or really not, and to feed a few or an army. If you’re making this dish for Vegetarian appetites, substitute vegetable broth for beef broth, omit the bacon, (you can add liquid smoke if you want the smokey flavor) and add an extra can of beans, or your favorite meat substitute instead of the meat. Personally I’m partial to the Morningstar Farms meal starters “crumbles”. You can make it without the cheese and dairy if you want to go full vegan, but I’m not sure they would count as nachos anymore. Continue reading

#Friday Flash – Two Book Prompt

Well, this is my first attempt. Earlier this week I got an excellent writing prompt over at the fabulous Ms. Stull’s blog.

For this week’s prompt grab the first and last book on your bookshelf. Turn to page 45 in the first book and write down the second sentence – this will be the beginning of your story. Then turn to page 70 in the second book and write down the tenth sentence – this will be your ending. Now, let the imagination flow and concoct a story to connect these two snippets.

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Scrapped First Paragraphs

This was originally written as the beginning to the novel I wrote last month for NaNoWrimo. I don’t think it’s a great beginning, (AAAH! Infodump!) but it might end up somewhere else in the story. One thing I do like about it is that it I think it sets a nice mysterious tone about this huge, lived in clock tower.

Worldbuilding is one of my favorite aspects of Sci-Fi and Fantasy- but it’s an important aspect in all fiction, even to some degree those set in the modern world (I can think of plenty of books I’ve read where the author doesn’t follow the rules he/she has set). The steampunk/fantasy story I’ve been working on is set on a unique planet that has its own history, and while I might want to know every detail, I’ve been having difficulty trying to determine how much the reader needs to know. There are a good amount of things that are going to have to be explained, but I don’t want to sound like I’m explaining.

Comments are appreciated. What do you think about the writing or about the worldbuilding?

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I’m going to try to do a better job at not neglecting my WordPress page. But it’s going to take time. I’ve never been one for keeping a journal or diary – let alone a public rambling of my words.

More stories to come shortly.